Our Services

Cestrian offer a range of tree services to suit your needs. Please find a list of services below which we provide. If you require any more information on the services listed or guidance please contact us.

Tree Pruning

Trees in an urban environment often require some form of pruning in order to maintain their health and aesthetics. They may often outgrow their original plot and begin to interfere with property, prevent light and become obtrusive.  Cestrian can advise and carry out the correct pruning methods to best suit the needs of our customers whilst prolonging the life and beauty of the tree.

Stump Removal

When a tree is removed to ground level, the stump and its root system still remains. The only way to safely remove a tree stump is by using a stump grinder. This machine uses a mechanical cutting disc to wear away the stump until it’s been completely ground out. Stump removal is useful for when a customer is looking to replant/ lay turf in a similar location or building extensions require foundations to be dug where a tree stump has previously been. Cestrian’ s very own stump grinder can handle any sized tree stump, big or small with minimum disturbance to the rest of your garden and the environment.

Tree Felling

There are many reasons why trees often need to be felled.  Sometimes a tree outgrows its original location and becomes too large to regularly maintain. Trees can also become diseased and eventually die, leading to poor structural integrity which becomes dangerous in a garden or public environment. Cestrian is highly trained in the safe and efficient removal of any sized tree, including those located in confined spaces. This includes removal of all debris from site and an immaculate clean-up.

Site Clearance

Cestrian provides complete site clearance of vegetation for garden renovations and new builds.

Emergency Call Out/Storm Damage

Trees often fall over in high winds and stormy weather without any due warning. This can cause road blockages and issues with access to property. Cestrian allows peace of mind by providing a 24 hour emergency callout service to quickly respond and react to such unforeseen circumstances.

Wood Chip & Firewood Sales

Woodchip and seasoned logs are available to buy directly from Cestrian tree care all year round. Contact Will for prices and delivery information.

Tree Inspections and Surveys

If you are concerned about the health of your trees, full visual assessments are available to help ease concern and provide good knowledge and preventive action. Likewise, Cestrian can provide its customers with tree surveys to record important data about their trees and help make an informed decision about potential remedial works. Surveys are often a requirement of planning applications, specifically in conservation areas.